ACAMS | FinTechs as your Customers


Understanding your FinTech Customers

How are financial crime risks for FinTechs different to those faced by conventional financial institutions? And…how are they the same?

If you’re a compliance professional in a bank, insurance company, money service business or a regulator, it can be a challenge to understand the different context in which your FinTech customers operate.

In this practical online training course we’ll demystify how FinTechs work, and show how you can develop an effective financial crime risk management strategy for potential and existing FinTech customers.



  • How to identify if a customer is a FinTech or not
  • The types of KYC/CDD processes used by FinTechs
  • How FinTech governance can differ from conventional financial institutions
  • Unique factors that may make FinTechs vulnerable to financial crime
  • How to onboard new FinTech customers, and effectively monitor existing ones

Expert instructors will also take participant’s questions live during the virtual classrooms.


The course comprises:

  • Two live 90-minute interactive virtual classrooms, featuring case studies, polls and Q&A
  • A self-paced case study to complete between live sessions
  • A 30-minute online assessment


The course has been developed for compliance professionals in conventional financial institutions who have FinTechs as customers, including:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment companies
  • Trust and corporate services providers
  • Money service businesses
  • Consultants
  • Regulators
  • Financial institution intelligence/investigation teams
  • KYC/CDD/Customer Risk Assessment outsourcing providers
  • Law enforcement
  • Oversight/audit/assurance teams


On successful completion of the online assessment, participants receive:

  • A digital certificate of completion
  • 4 CAMS credits towards CAMS certification or CAMS recertification eligibility



This course has been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from FINTRAIL. FINTRAIL is a specialist FinTech and RegTech consultancy, supporting a significant portfolio of rapidly scaling and established FinTech companies, and acting as advisors leading global RegTech firms.


Author & Trainer 2018/2019/2020 Course

Originally published on ACAMS