Denisse has extensive experience moderating, facilitating and speaking at a variety of events in her field of expertise. Denisse has the ability to tailor content to C-suite executives, industry practitioners, regulators, and those not familiar with financial crime prevention. From workshops, to interviews, to delivering keynote speeches, she conveys complex and difficult subject matters in a way that connects with her audience in multiple countries from around the world.

If you would like Denisse to speak at your event, please get in touch to arrange a booking.

  • Speaker
    Environmental Crime
    Comply Advantage Uncover Conference
    3 February 2022 – London, UK
  • Moderator
    Evolution of Public Private Partnerships and AML/CFL and Crypto VASP
    14th Annual European AML & Financial Crime Conference – A Global Outlook
    19 November 2020 – London, UK
  • Speaker
    AML/CFT RegTech Landscape
    Chinese Delegation Visit to the UK
    November 2019 – London, UK
  • Speaker
    Trends in Trade Finance
    ACAMS 15th Annual AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference – Europe
    June 2019 – Berlin, Germany
  • Speaker
    Market-Driven ESG Investment
    FCA Blue Skies Management Off-Site
    14 January 2019 – London, UK
  • Moderator
    Whistleblowing systems and protection – The new EU-wide rules and rising standards
    7th Annual AMLPF Anti-Bribery & Corruption Forum
    16 November 2018 – London, UK
  • Moderator
    Cryptocurrencies – the AML/CTF risks and compliance strategies & Law Enforcement Update
    12th Annual AMLPF European AML & Financial Crime Conference
    5-6 November 2018 – London, UK
  • Panellist
    Addressing the new AML, financial crime, anticorruption & tax evasion challenges 2018
    Quarterly AMLPF Meeting
    18 January 2018 – London, UK
  • Speaker
    Financial crime risks & ISIS – stepping up your defences
    Quarterly AMLPF Meeting
    5 May 2016 – London, UK
  • Chair
    Economics, Finance, and Taxation
    Egmont Institute Pre-G7 Summit Conference 2014: from G8 to G7? The Future of the Gx System and Global Governance
    2 June 2014 – Brussels, Belgium
  • Speaker
    CDD & KYC Evolution - Striking the right balance
    the AMLPF Forum’s 7th Annual European Financial Crime Conference
    22 October 2013 – London, UK